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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A gift from me to me

Labor day as with most holidays pretty much went unnoticed in my life since I usually spend holidays without family. I did have a dinner guest on Saturday and cooked one of my favorite company dishes, chicken Parisienne, cooked in my still working crock pot. Hey I don't throw things out just because they are old. Mixing and matching is always a good idea.

Yesterday, the actual holiday, I did treat myself to dinner out and enjoyed a delicious Reuben sandwich with french fries and a pickle. It was a meal I probably wouldn't cook for one. On the way out of the restaurant I picked up a tiny sample of a mint covered chocolate big enough to call dessert.

Needing to pick up a few things I was then off to visit Wal-Mart, the biggest store in my little town. I explored the bedding department because I have been wanting to replace my bedspread. I had checked some out online, but they were more than I wanted to spend. Maybe just maybe I could find a set I liked in the store. Ask and it will be given they say. I spotted exactly what I was looking for and it was even on sale. An elegant set in rich earth tones now adorns my bed.

It makes me feel as if I am in an expensive motel room without the added expense. I have been wanting to take a vacation!

Two years ago I replaced my bedroom furniture which my ex-husband and I purchased in 1972. It was time, having replaced the mattress shortly after our divorce. The new furniture also coincided with my darling daughter removing me from her life on August 30, the day before she turned 32. I looked at the new furniture I had purchased as a celebration of having agreed to carry another baby at the age of 41. I didn't have to do that. A lot has happened since then on my journey to evolvement.

This morning as I looked at my new bedding purchase Labor Day had a whole new meaning. It actually made me laugh. This particular weekend will always remind me of being in a hospital waiting to be allowed to bring my last child and only daughter home, but this year it's all about me and what makes me happy. Right now the gift from me to me is a very good start in that direction. 

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