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Monday, September 10, 2012

Annoying visitors

Living alone in a rural neighborhood can cause caution. I am not generally a fearful person, but as I have aged I have begun to develop common sense for my own welfare.

Twice in the last few nights someone has rung my doorbell after dark. Peeking out the blinds I do not recognize the car nor the occupant. I am not sure if it is a male or female, but I do know it is no one that I know. What they want is their business. What I am going to do about it is mine.

Last night the car sat in my driveway for at least 15 minutes with its headlights on. I almost called the sheriff's office to investigate the situation. What really upset me was the fact that it caused me to miss most of the final episode of Army Wives because I kept checking on the car.

My property has a chain link fence around it with a ten foot double gate and tonight I am closing the gate. I decided against putting a lock on it because if there were a fire or medical emergency it would cause a delay in help. My creative mind went to work and I chose instead to attach a large BEWARE OF THE DOG sign to the gate clearly visible to the street. Now I don't really have a dog, but I could teach my protective male cat to pretend he is a mountain lion if necessary! Anyway just the thought might do the trick.

Ordinarily I like to have visitors stop by, but at night without previous notice it is just plain annoying.

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