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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Second thoughts

Yesterday I wrote about some annoying visitors who rang my doorbell after dark and then proceeded to park in my driveway for at least 15 minutes with their headlights on full blast. My solution last night was to close my front gate keeping them from entering. At first I was going to include a beware of dog sign and toyed with the idea of tying the gate shut. Then I decided a closed gate would send the message I was aiming for.

This morning I thought about my reaction and decided it produced a picture of fear. Is that what I wanted to project? No way! I am not a fearful person and I will be damned if I am going to let some idiot that I don't even know turn me into one.

Although I do have the right to open or not open my door after dark I will take a different approach tonight. If these rude people return for the third time I plan to go out my back door, approach their car and loudly tell them to get the hell off my property unless they want to pay rent! So there people!

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