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Friday, March 6, 2015

It's true two heads are better than one

For several weeks I have been wrestling with the question of whether or not to continue the children's summer writing camp I helped start in 2012. I called the person who had helped me in 2013 & 2014 to inquire as to her feelings on the matter. I was surprised when she stated, "I am not exactly for it or against it". My response was that was exactly how I felt.

We began talking about the things that had worked in the past and the things that had not and why not. We exchanged thoughts about how we could make the camp better- if we decided to facilitate it for this, the fourth year. It seemed as though neither of us was really ready to let the idea go because we know we are helping children express themselves through creative writing.

Following the if factor we decided to move the camp back down to one week in June instead of two, which meant we would choose the five approaches that had worked best and eliminate the rest. We also decided we would charge $5.00 at registration and refund it if the student attended the entire camp. We have learned that when you give something away for free people don't take you seriously.

We also decided to give more thought to how we advertise the camp so that we attract only those students who are really interested in writing.

As our conversation came to an end I asked B.J. if she was willing to give it another try? Without hesitation, she said yes. So it looks as if we have some planning to do to make the 2015 Children's Writing Camp, not only a reality, but the best one yet.

We found that two heads are better than one when they are both focused on something good.

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