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Thursday, March 26, 2015

I finally got the memo

It’s been a strange day, starting with a short online conversation with a female friend who has been going through some tough times, mentally. We often bounce ideas off one another in the form of our experiences. I love conversing with her and find that I can relate to her struggles, although separated by a difference in our ages and details. This morning our conversation ended with my sharing that I always seem to attract men with negative addictions. She replied that the same was true of her past life, but now she has found a compatible mate.

That thought kept returning all morning as if it was a memo to myself that I needed to think about, and I did.

Wondering why I had attracted so many addictive souls in my life caused me to seek an answer. Was there something they all had in common? Ha there it was the question I needed to answer. In their own way they were all very controlling beings. We attract what we send out. I didn’t like that thought very much, until I realized that I am not who I was, which no doubt explains why they are no longer part of my life.

Perhaps now that I finally got the memo I can, like my friend Sadie, attract a more compatible mate.

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