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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Living with a blue aura

Checking out a post that came by my vision, I took a test to see what color my aura is. An aura is "an invisible emanation of vapor; a field of energy visible to certain persons with psychic powers", according to Webster's New World College Dictionary. It is the essence of the person, place or thing. Before I took the test I already knew mine was blue.

Way back in 2000 or so I was manning a booth for Grants Good Samaritan Center at a community event. Out of the blue a Native American lady began talking to me. She said she had been assigned to watch over/protect me until I was ready to be on my own. She went on to share that she had been in my bedroom at night, sitting in a rocking chair in a corner of the room. The window was open and I was crying. Now most people would have called a cop to lock up this strange being, but not me. I not only listened to her I later followed her to her vehicle, a pink jeep, to finish our talk. Among other things she said that my aura was blue and added that I should keep it that way! The communication with the "lady in white", as she called herself, was short lived. She made me nervous and I decided that I could very well take care of myself. I released her from her assignment and never heard from her again. The meeting is still a very sharp memory.

A blue aura is associated with the throat chakra and a person possessing one is thought to be caring, loves to help others, sensitive and intuitive. Finding out this information right about the time that I began finding my own voice in my community is more than a little interesting today. Looking back I see that my aura has been blue all of my life. I also see that along the way it got tangled up with my ego, which is energy picked up from others. In the process I lost the clarity of my purpose for being here.

Yesterday while editing a manuscript called "Journey of an Enlightened Egotist", which is waiting for further direction, I noted in the archives it was once called "Cut the Crap". Today that fact makes me laugh because it is exactly what I had to do to get real.

Also about a week ago I backed away from Facebook feeling that nobody cared if I was there or not. Hey maybe I was right because in that week not one person bothered to ask where I was. It is sometimes funny how the truth of the matter bops you right in the face when you aren't looking. Dipping my toe in the water I shared a post that came through my newsfeed, then a poem that had come to me in my mail. It was at that point that I realized it didn't matter who if anyone responded. My purpose is to pass along what comes "through" me. It is what makes me happy! What happens after that is no longer my business.

Because my aura had gotten tangled up with junk I had begun to think it was my responsibility to not only pass on information to help others, but make sure people followed my insights. Wrong!

With all the writing related gifts I have it certainly makes the fact that I live with a blue aura understandable and at times very gratifying. I think I'll just keep what I have been given and get on with my purpose for being.

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