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Sunday, July 13, 2014

If you don't like it speak up!

Lately I have been getting terrible service from my internet provider. It takes forever to download anything and sometimes that isn't even possible. In an attempt to correct the problem a new modom was installed. It worked, sort of, for a short time. After calling another provider I discovered that mine is the only one available for my area.

Next I called Century Link once more to ask what it would cost to upgrade my current service. I was told- nothing. What! I have been paying for crappy service that could have been upgraded for nothing. So why didn't anyone tell me?

My son's response was, "Since you didn't complain they assumed you were happy with what you were getting."

The rest of that story is that by 5:00pm on July 15th my internet service will be upgraded to a speed 10 times greater than I am now getting for about half the price I have been paying.

A similar situation is occuring with Facebook. Lately I am not getting posts from friends that I want to hear from and my news feed is clogged with posts from people I don't even know and ads for unwanted products. In the past FB has offered much useful information that I have passed on to others in one way or another. It has also provided many close relationships with people whom I would never have had the opportunity to otherwise meet. It just isn't the same as it was when I first joined the site in 2009.

Following a recent move by a very good friend I have decided to back off for awhile. After communicating with her I see that I too am wasting too much of my time on the site. Those few friends that I really care about can be reached in other ways. There are phones, emails and hey even hand written notes and letters. If anyone cares enough to contact me my number has been in the Grants, NM phone book for about 35 years.

The lesson learned, I hope, is that if I don't like something I need to speak up and change it instead of just sitting back and taking it.

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