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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Coming home

Another article waiting publication in the Cibola Beacon.

Although, Sergeant Major (Retired) Jeffrey A. Gunn US Army Reserve, graduated from Grants High School in 1979 he was born in Seattle, Washingon and lived in California before moving to Cibola County, New Mexico with his family in 1976. He recently moved back to the area to begin a new life.

After graduating from high school Gunn chose to enlist in the Army because, "I was always interested in military history and the like."

Gunn spent twelve years in the regular Army, serving in Germany, Italy and finally Desert Storm in 1990-1991. He then joined the Army Reserve. As a reservist he was a Technical Instructor in biological and chemical defense and a Staff Trainer.

From 2004 to 2009 he was training units to go to Iraq and Afganistan. 93 days before his retirement would have become effective he was released from active duty. According to Gunn, "It was all about money and had nothing to do with my performance. During my active duty years I had been promoted twice and received the Meritorious Service Medal".

After being forced to retire and desperately seeking employment, Gunn spent 2011-2012 as a civilian contractor working for the military as a safety instructor in Kuwait. He summed up this experience as, "A hot place with a lot of dust and extremely bad drivers".

Since 2009 Gunn has owned and operated Oro Grande Firearms Training in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a Certified NRA (National Rifle Association)) instructor. He is certified to teach, pistol, rifle, shotgun, personal protection and Refuse to be a Victim classes. In addition he is a Range Safety Officer and an OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer. As soon as he can obtain certification in New Mexico he will offer Concealed Weapon classes.

One of the programs he is interested in promoting is the Refuse to be a Victim class. It has nothing to do with shooting guns, but teaches ordinary people how to be safe in their homes, while traveling, protecting their children, in the workplace and even safety tips for senior citizens in nursing homes and persons with disabilities. With current situations as they are it is a class every citizen could benefit from. According to Gunn, "People need to know what to do before something happens, not wait for it to happen".

Recently moving back to Cibola County, Gunn is now available to teach any of the above classes and can be reached at or his office 505-240-8250.

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