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Saturday, April 12, 2014


What an interesting day this has been. I was on facebook this morning and then suddenly- nothing! I did the usual, checking to see if it was just my computer and finally decided it wasn't. After calling the provider I was told "we know you can't access the internet or your email and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible".

Annoyed, I clicked on my kindle account to start reading the new book I purchased last night. It is actually one that appears to be worth reading. Not all of them are. Oddly, the title of this book is Disconnected. Honest it really is. I wouldn't make that up!

In between reading snatches of the book I did some laundry and made a grocery list, trying to think of everything I needed for the next few days. Then I was off to the store. First I stopped at the dollar store to pick up a couple of Easter items, spying a note on the door that their debit machine was down. I had enough cash to purchase what I wanted so I proceeded on my mission. Chatting with the clerk as I paid my bill I found out the outage ran clear to Gallup, 60 miles west of Grants and also affected cell phone use. She asked me how I was able to call the provider and I told her the old fashioned way, with a land phone.

The grocery store is in the same parking lot as the dollar store, which was going to be my next stop. Then a thought came to mind; their debit machines probably weren't working either. Since it is the way I usually pay for groceries I started driving home. Wait a minute! I suddenly remembered that before I used debit I wrote checks. Right!! I felt really stupid when I finally entered the store with my list. Interestingly Smiths debit machines worked just fine. It gave me hope that when I got home my internet would be working.

No such luck!

It took several more hours for the problem to be fixed. It must have been a big one. All was not lost. Because of being disconnected I accomplished much more than I ordinarilly would have on a Saturday, plus I must admit it has been pretty peaceful.

Do you think the universe is speaking again?!

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