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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An interesting proposal

Ordinarily my part time job is from Monday-Friday, except when there is no school. This week is one of those times when school will only be in session Monday-Wednesday due to parent teacher conferences etc. My employer has given the part time staff at the family center the option of working a total of 8 hours on the two missing days. The proposal offered is not for the usual work, but to clean up the grounds behind the Family Center to prepare for planting a garden.

I have been going back and forth since I read the offer, which is not manditory. Do I accept or don't I? One point to consider is that I was hired to supervise children, not to do manual labor. Another is that our weather has sudenly gone from warm spring like to cold and windy.

Will I benefit more by doing yard work or taking advantage of an unplanned 4 day weekend? Actually I have plenty of weeds at my own house if I were so inclined to take care of them.

Yesterday I was leaning toward working. Today I am thinking I probably would benefit more from the days off. Besides, the money from this job is extra and I am saving most of it. It did come in handy to pay off a rather large bill I had acquired, much sooner than expected, leaving me once again debt free. My paycheck isn't money I depend on for anything at the moment. Soooooo!

What the heck! I'm opting for a 4 day weekend- proposal rejected.

That is my final answer!!

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