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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A question with no answer

Early this morning I was standing in my guest bathroom with a repairman who had previously done some work for me. We were looking at a small section of the ceiling just above the window that appeared to be suffering from water damage. The source of the water was not immediately apparent, but no doubt was the result of a roof leak. It was odd as we have had little rain recently and no snow.

Mike suddenly asked, "Do you plan to live in this house until you die?"

Observing my startled reaction he added, "...or do you plan on selling the house?"

He was trying to decide the best option for fixing the problem before it got worse and wanted to know how important appearence was. He had already replaced the entire ceiling a couple of years ago due to snow damage. Apparently the source of the problem still existed and needed to be tackled first.

Further investigation of the problem is needed, but in the meantime I have been pondering his blunt question. Do I plan on living in this house until I die? I have already lived in my manufactured home for 38 years, half my life. It would certainly be nice to have a new experience. I am aware my house and property are way too big for me to take care of by myself, but I don't have any other options. Even if I did manage to sell, it wouldn't be for enough money to live on for very long. Stuck where I am pretty much sums it up.

So Mike, to answer your question I don't really know. I don't actually PLAN to live here until I die, but unless you know something that I don't, that may be someone's plan.

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