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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Books books books

This week seems to be about reading books and stories others have created. I decided to give a copy of my first book, Wake Up!, to one of my current healing team. After signing the book I flipped it open and this is the page that came up. I have decided to share with my readers what I wrote in 2004.


     On a beautiful September morning, after talking with a new spiritual friend, I had an urge to take a trip to a place I had never visited. I closed my eyes and felt a cool breeze pass by my face. I became weightless and seemed to move effortlessly through space and time. There was no up or down, left or right, simply quiet space.
     As I opened my eyes I saw I was on the softest of clouds in the middle of a magnificent intense blue sky. No other human was seen. I felt the presence of arms around me accompanied by a sense of powerful unconditional love. The air was clean and fresh and absent of earthly scents.
      I was not afraid because this was exactly where I was supposed to be in this moment in time. Away from the distractions of human life and the interpretations of other people. Free to decide for myself what I would do about the condition of my present life.
     I found a comfortable place and took off my shoes, dipping my toes in the middle of the cloud. I lay on my stomach and rested my head on my arms. I thought about the goals and desires I had set up for myself and wondered aloud if it was the best I could do or was I cheating myself? 
     As I rolled over on my back I was startled by the appearance of my friend and soul mate who was staring at me. Had I wished him there or did he come of his own free will? He smiled an impish smile and sat down in front of me dangling his feet over the edge of the cloud, removing his hat.
     I  sat up and once again felt the overwhelming spiritual love between the two of us. I massaged the back of his neck and temples as he had once done for me. I tried to remove the stress of his needing to be in constant control of himself. He relaxed as the negative energy began to leave his body.
     I had once been there so I knew how he felt. Letting go of anger and hurt allows freedom to tear down the wall and trust again.
     A quiet voice whispered in my ear, "Do for him what he did for you."
     With no hesitation I gently pushed him off the edge of my cloud. It was time for him to take care of himself by himself. His negative energy was interfering with my positive growth. 
     Wishing him only the best, I trust he will fondly remember the bond of spiritual love between us. He will need it when we meet again in this life or the next. I heard the word peace floating in the breeze and felt the wings of an angel transporting me back to earth as I opened my eyes and went on with my day.

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