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Friday, July 6, 2012

...but it could

In the last few days I have been told by three different people that things are not going to change overnight; they could but probably won't. My thought on the matter was, but it could.

It isn't that I expect a powerful angel to spread its wings over my house and shower me with abundance in every area of my life. I am not sure angels are even that powerful. I see no reason that a complete change cannot take place overnight, especially when I have done everything in my power to follow every suggestion that has come my way. In my opinion I have been a very good student.

Last night we had a violent thunder storm that lasted about an hour. As a result my car got a much needed bath, my fruit trees were watered and the birds and wild life have plenty of drinking water. As a bonus the ground was so wet this morning I was able to pull some rather big weeds with little effort just in time for the trash truck to pick them up. There was a bonus to that too because the effort gave my back some much needed exercise.

The storm brought a bolt of lightening that knocked out my TV reception last night. I called Comcast to report an outage. I had to deal with a rather rude customer service man who did his best to make me believe I was stupid. I didn't feel he was going to do anything so I called back this morning. The first thing I did after reaching a pleasant sounding woman was report the dude. She took me seriously and after determining that I did have a problem set up a service call for Monday afternoon. Great I thought no TV all weekend.

My last question to her was, "is it possible that it could just come back on?" Her answer was, "It could but probably not."

 I made some plans to catch up on some things like reading and basically just let the situation go. In the back of my mind was the thought...but it could.
A couple of hours later I turned on the set just to see if I had reception. A perfect picture came into view.  What did I learn from this? First of all, if there is a thunder storm don't be stupid- turn off the TV and computer. Secondly and probably most important never ever let someone else talk you out of believing that anything is possible. Abundance in every area of my life is just around the corner. It may not happen tonight...but it could.

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