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Saturday, September 3, 2011

What's Up With Virgos?

Yesterday I ended a relationship with a person who is a Virgo. It has been an on again off again relationship for a couple of years. I know now it was never meant to be long term. It provided much needed education for me and I suspect for the other person as well, although he probably would never admit it.

Just out of curiosity I checked out the compatibility between Virgo and Sagittarius. I had to laugh when I discovered these two signs are the least compatible of all the signs of the zodiac. If I had known that before accepting this person into my life I would at least have been a little cautious of getting too involved.

According to the information I located, "Virgos tend to be emotionally cold, shrink from committing themselves to friendship, make few friends and are careful to keep them superficial. They do not trust others and bring the act of self concealment to a high pitch."

Wow! Do you think possibly my rocky road with Virgos is not really my fault?

Interestingly, God/Source has deposited a ton of Virgos in my life. Plus friends, they include my daughter, a deceased daughter-in-law, a former son-in-law, three of my four grandchildren and my great grandson, who just turned one yesterday. That's a lot of Virgos in one lifetime.

I wonder what God/Source could have been thinking. Did his/her finger just get stuck in one place or is there a lesson here someplace meant just for me? These relationships certainly have made me stronger. Many have caused me to stand up for myself and believe in me and the universal gifts I have been given, no matter what anyone else thinks. Perhaps that is the key to answering my question- what's up with Virgos?


  1. I laughed at this Barbara given it is the Opposing sign of yours....
    There is a method to this astrological madness!
    The lessons are for both signs to teach one another what each sign doesn't understand about the other....funny stuff by the Universe....
    I was married to a Taurus which is the Opposing sign to Gemini's....the marriage didn't work out....LOL.....One of my worst bosses was a Taurus....we clashed like no tommorow...LOL.....and finally the father is a this says it all doesn't it!?

    My lessons are well learned!
    The negative aspects of Taurus's are rigid, controlling, boring ect....
    This is the Polar opposite of my sign which reflects flexible, fun and open to ideas....

    I just cannot stop laughing about how the Universe sets this up!!

    Fun read!

  2. Don't think I need to tell you who the male friend was Maria! It's over it's over it's over!!! Yay I survived once again! LOL

  3. Of course you Survived Barbara!
    You are Barbara!.....a woman who Knows what she Needs from her heart and soul
    No More!