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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Connecting the Dots

Source/God seems to be playing a game with me and a close spiritual friend. For some time we have been given similar experiences which we have shared with each other. We have talked about them at length, finally realizing that our unusual connection was meant to help us both evolve. Connecting the dots is a lot more fun when you can see the big picture.

Last night my friend, Maria, sent me an email with a photo she had taken in her yard yesterday. She wanted me to see the image of a very happy spirit on the body of a bright butterfly. He was so clear my reaction was, "Wow his message is obviously meant for you." I believe it was,"We are proud of the way you are living your life and sharing what you have learned." I of course, passed my interpretation on to Maria. She had the same feeling, but wanted confirmation from someone else.

Her butterfly reminded me that earlier that day I had a similar experience with a tiny little winged messenger. I had opened my car door preparing to go to my grandson's soccer game. When I closed the door I noticed a very small blue object on the door window. At first I thought it was a bug, but then I realized it was the smallest butterfly I had ever seen. Its wing span was about 1/2" and to me it resembled the pattern on Royal Doulton English china.

When this memory returned I emailed Maria. I also checked my copy of Betty Bethard's The Dream Book to see what butterfly meant: "Rebirth to higher form; transmutation of energy, the process of growth through all its ups and downs, emerging triumphant in new awareness." I also looked up blue since that was the color of my messenger. It means spirituality.

After comparing notes and connecting the dots Maria and I decided our messages were the same, just personally gift wrapped by the universe.


  1. Barbara,

    Thank you so much for the affirmation of the message from the butterfly/spirit that I took a picture of in my yard the other day!
    I love that we both shared a Butterfly experience so close in time!
    Our guides are having much fun sending out our messages!

    Sending you butterflies and rainbows Barbara!

  2. Sending them right back to you Maria. Now it's your turn to write your version on your own blog! ;) Don't forget your photo!!

  3. Delightful...everything I pictured your words to portray!!!

    You have enlightened me Barbara. I didn't realize what the sightings of butterflies meant!

    In my world everything stops spinning for a momment and I am breathless when they cross my path or fly up to great me. A flutter of their wings, a flutter of my heart it is always love at first sight,a kiss blown into the air!

    I have always felt God in my heart at the sight of their presence in my daily life,a feeling of euphoria! I now know from your words I was so dot on!

    xoxo me

  4. how about greet me