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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just do it!

I just finished a wonderful book, Paths of Glory, by Jeffrey Archer. It is not one I would have ordinarily read, but it was one I believe I was meant to read. The book presented the life of George Leigh Mallory and his quest to be the first man to stand on the top of Mt. Everest. He was once quoted as saying he wanted to do it because it was there. From the first page I was aware that he had died on the mountain and his body was discovered in 1999. I believe it is the only book I have ever read knowing the end before I began.

Like every human life we all know it will end- sometime. It is the journey between human conception and human death that separates each being.

I have been reconsidering my recent posts due to time to think and interesting facts that have presented themselves. I have come to the conclusion that to intentionally eliminate people and experiences just because they offer challenges is taking the easy way out. I just checked my genealogy and found no chickens in my past so from now on I am going to cease that line of thinking.

When my “conscious awakening” journey began eleven years ago a friend talked me into using sage to rid my house of negative energy. I also followed advice to sprinkle kosher salt to keep negative energy from my entering my property. Over the years there have been other little suggestions, such as asking the universe to surround me with white light that I have practiced. Twenty-two years ago I endured six weeks of radiation on the slim chance my doctor had dropped one cancer cell before he closed the incision he had so skillfully made.

Today I am wondering what positive experiences these precautions eliminated along with the unseen negative energy. Given another chance I don’t think I would follow the same route now. Life challenges are there for one reason, to assist us in learning how to best deal with them.

I believe there are two ways of living one’s life; either by being an observer and watching how others live or by taking chances and participating.

Following George Mallory’s example, my new quest is to face my future challenges because they are there.

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