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Monday, September 5, 2011

Achieving Tolerance

Yesterday's post regarding Virgos combined with a comment made by a loyal friend and reader caused me to think beyond what I had written. It led me to the word tolerance.

Today I can see what was at first not obvious. Every relationship provides a lesson for us to learn. Whether we are willing to do so is completely up to us. Why would the Universe continually plop Virgos, which I now know are my pole opposites, in my life? I now believe it was to learn tolerance for others who look at things with different eyes than mine, partly because they were born under a different astrological sign.

When you couple that with basic life experiences such as health, education, and economic status the differences can be staggering. There is no room for blame here, it is what it is. There is no right or wrong way to walk your assigned path, just keep walking.

We are all one, coming from the same place and returning to the area from which we came. Some of us will return shinning a brighter light, depending on how willing we were to learn the lessons provided while visiting this planet called earth.

I for one am grateful that I was born under the sign of Sagittarius with a curious mind, always asking that next question.


  1. I love your posts and creative thoughts that are spurred by your life experiences.

    We are all that phrase of yours!!! Without discrimination to male or female, race, religion or sun sign "We are all one", equals. To be embraced with compassion and unconditional love for we know going into this life none of us where created perfect it just doesn't exist in our genetic pool of possibilities.

    Life is an endless journey of choices and possibilities to shower every living creature with love. In person, secretively or from a is the greatest lesson for us all to achieve. Just think what the rhythm of this world would be if we all danced to the tune of unconditional love...I believe it would be the Garden of Eden that God had originally planned for us to exist in. Maybe, just maybe that is the simple lesson He is waiting for us to love and live!

  2. Thanks A. I love your responses to my posts! you always go yet a step further. :)