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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vibrational Match

The lengths the universe uses to get my attention is sometimes amusing, well that is after I recover from the shock of what happened. Recently someone who I thought was very close to me suddenly and without warning informed me that she does not want to speak to me. I am not to call her or go to her house. I am allowed to email and in her words, "If I choose to answer you I will and if not you will not hear from me."

What surprised me about this person's order is that it did not cause me to feel angry. I felt a great deal of relief. For years I have been trying to make myself believe that this soul is a vibrational match. I finally realized that I have been dragging her and her negative energy around like a sack of potatoes. It was really getting heavy and I believe the universe noticed and set up just the right opportunity to sever the problem.

I have heard it usually takes 21 days for a positive change to occur. Today is 22 days since I received her order for silence and I wish her love. Perhaps since the universe helped me have better vision it will also help her deal with her situation. This experience taught me that I cannot force someone to be a vibrational match. It needs to happen naturally and when the time is right.


  1. A friend of mine recently let go of a person who just couldn't get himself clean, no matter how hard he tried to help him. The friendship made him anxious and stressed. When the break came, the relief was palpable. It's the way of the world, Barbara. We wish the other well in their lives - but can do without them in ours.

  2. As always, thanks James.
    In this case the person will no doubt still be in my life, just not in the same position as before.

  3. Good for you, Barbara. I'm sure your heart is more at peace with this decision. With forgiveness, love, and self care, all miraculously falls into place. Much love to you, my friend.