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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Synchronicity is a wonderful word coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung in 1920. It means two or more events causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. A favorite of mine is intuition, meaning an inner knowing. Another fabulous word is serendipity, making fortunate discoveries while looking for something else. They often work together to validate belief in the oneness of the universe.

The following is a true story. It began when my intuition led me to my friend Eric Allen’s new web site, ( The home page offers inspiring music and a beautiful picture of a mountain stream. I stopped for a moment to listen to the music. While viewing the picture the face of a man in the water clearly came to view. At first it startled me because it was so unexpected. As I looked around I noted many other spirit images, also in the water.

I decided to confirm what I was seeing with my friend Maria Certo, who also has a new inspirational web site, (Connecting With Your soul). Maria and I share a God given gift of recognizing spirits in photos. We have both captured many on film and some are shared on our individual Facebook walls.

Not wanting to spill what I saw I asked Maria what she saw. She confirmed the man who had startled me is located next to a large rock in the water and has a round face, mustache, wears rimless glasses and possibly has white hair. Excited, we discussed our find and agreed that I should tell Eric in case the man was a relative or maybe a guide. She reminded me that I am the messenger.

I passed on the message and Eric could not see the man in question. He said he was open minded but had no experience with such things. He did say he was aware of orbs. I was disappointed, but suggested he view the images I share on my wall, especially the one titled “My Man”. He is a very large in your face guy, whom I believe is meant to convince others that spirits do indeed exist. I was happy when Eric said he was able to see him.

Maria and I agreed that I was chosen to pass on this gift of sight to Eric, who by the way is a much evolved soul. As an added bonus or perhaps serendipity, Maria and I added each others spiritual blogs to our sites and I also added Eric’s to mine.

I just never know what will happen when synchronicity pops up in my life and I follow my intuition. It’s always fun finding out!


  1. A beautiful, serendipitous story, containing 2 of my wondrous, like-spirited friends! Peace to you both!

  2. I am very interested to see the post on your wall, entitled 'My Man'. This is most interesting. I too am an admirer of Eric Allen, having a copy of his first book and am now copyediting for him his next booklet. I am most very open to understand unique perspectives on life. I can't see the man on Eric's website so maybe I am not spiritually gifted like this. But I'm interested to see the one you referred to.