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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Hole

I have a new problem this week that has led to discovering a hole partnering with mold in my ceiling. I thought I was being very smart the other day when I decided to scrape off some water damaged paint caused by a water leak from the roof. As I scraped I began uncovering mold and an actual hole in the ceiling. It was disgusting!

My first reaction was- What did I do to deserve this mess? This particular room was built thirty years ago and is an addition to my mobile home. It also has a tin roof, which when built was attached with nails. Guess what? The nails are now popping up allowing rain, when accompanied by wind, to leak onto the ceiling. The nails, hundreds of them, will all need to be replaced by pro-panel screws. Just what I needed another unexpected house expense.

Through a friend I found a man to do the job who charges a very reasonable rate per hour. Because he wants to fix the cause of the problem before he repairs the result, I am stuck with viewing the ugly mold and the now bigger hole for awhile longer. I noticed that I have been having sinus symptoms and I am convinced they are coming from the exposed mold. What to do what to do? I decided to close off the room from the rest of the house until my hole and its friends are no longer visible.

Wow the things I have learned since I was forced to take care of my own problems! I am actually grateful for these kinds of experiences because they teach me that I am strong and capable of taking care of me.

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