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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last chance

It looks as if this is my last chance to do what it is that I do in 2015. Most of all I wish my friends and readers a healthful, bountiful, peaceful New Year. May you receive everything you need to grow to be the best you possible.

A wonderful post crossed my path this morning that pretty much sums up how I feel as the last hours of 2015 slip by. After sharing it with a couple of souls I decided to also share it here. The only thing I know for sure about where my life is headed is that I am supposed to catch all that I can and pass on the information for others to do the same thing.

So I am ending my last post for 2015 with these words, borrowed and shared.


  1. Happy New Year, Barbara! I think you are the perfect you *because* of all you are, INCLUDING your imperfections (whatever those are!)! My personal thought is that if we were all perfect, we wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting as we are with all the things we've done and said that we judge as not being perfect. We are who we are and we are we! Thanks for being my friend... I wish you all the joy and peace you can handle in this upcoming year. Big hug to you!

    1. Lois I think you are one of the few people who has taken the time to comment on my blog posts during the entire year. Makes me wonder if anyone is listening.
      Besides you're supposed to be resting! I should have known that a little thing like a heart monitor implant wouldn't keep you down for long. Happy New Year Lois!

  2. Actually, the doctor said I could resume my "normal activities" as soon as I left the hospital! The only thing he said was it would probably be sore where they stabbed the monitor into my chest. So far, so good, though, so I'm happy!

    The woman whose spare room I'm renting is a very early to bed person (like 6 PM) and is usually in her bedroom way before that. So I'm trying to be quiet (on New Years Eve!) and the best way to do that is on the computer. I'd rather be sitting in the living room drinking something fun and having a conversation, though. Oh well. Life goes on, doesn't it? I don't know how long this living situation will last but I need to hang in here for now; at least, until I get these doctor visits under control. I told her I would probably be here 3 months - then we'll see. I don't think I'll last that long, frankly. So onward and upward!

    Happy New Year, Barbara!