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Sunday, August 9, 2015

A spirit volunteer

Several months ago I submitted an article titled, A Spirit Volunteer to Chicken Soup. They were going to be publishing a book on volunteers and I was hopeful, for many reasons, that my work would be included. Well, since their book is supposed to come out on August 18th and I have not heard from them I can pretty much assume that it won't be. This fact also frees me to share the story with my readers. If you are interested please read on.

A Spirit Volunteer

As I was struggling to write a new chapter in a book I was working on I became aware of the voice of my intuition. I stopped what I was doing and listened. Knowing it was divine guidance that had never led me astray before I set out to perform the task it was suggesting.

I cut three daffodils growing in my yard, placed them in a plastic cup and added water and a few glass pebbles. I started my car and drove to the cemetery near my home. After parking the car I picked up my gift and walked to the grave of a young girl who had died of cancer. I had experienced a close spiritual connection with her soul that I did not fully understand. Kneeling, I placed the flowers on her headstone and quietly asked, “Can you help?”

Instantly, two voices coming from the back of the cemetery repeated a variation of my question. One was female and the other male, both asking, “Can you help me?”

I could clearly see that I was the only human in the small cemetery. Startled, I quickly returned to the safety of my car. To say the voices shook me up would be the understatement of my life. They received my full attention. I tried to figure out who the voices were and what they were asking me to do for them.

For some time I had been taking photographs that clearly showcased images of souls no longer living a human life. I finally realized the cemetery voices represented all deceased souls. They were asking me to use the pictures to speak for them and to assure those left behind that we never die; we are simply transmuted to another form. The photographs were a tool that added credibility to what the spirits were asking me to do.

The question remained, would I comply with their request to consciously help them communicate with those still living a human life? I had come this far, why not? My answer was yes.

Since that day I have freely shared their photographs and their messages at every opportunity I have been given. I feel honored to have been chosen as a spirit volunteer.

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