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Friday, November 28, 2014


For me the best part of Thanksgiving dinner, after the stuffing, is the leftovers.

This morning I tossed the carcass in a large pot and boiled the life out of it capturing all those scrumptious juices left by the clinging meat. While it cooled I added a little more canned broth to the pot. It was then time to toss in a hand full of leftover wagon wheel pasta and chopped onion and whatever spices came to mind.

I plucked so much meat off the carcass that I didn't even have to touch the leftover turkey that had been carved last night. The last step to turn my pot into a tasty meal was to toss in a bag full of miscellaneous vegetables I had previously frozen.

There you have it- turkey soup for lunch.

Later on I will make a turkey casserole with egg noodles, peas, mushrooms, cream soup and of course leftover turkey.

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