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Monday, November 24, 2014

Judge not etc. etc.

In the mail I recently received a district court jury summons. I was not pleased! As I read down the long list of information on the form I noticed that because of my age I could apply for a permanent release and would never receive this summons again. I did not hesitate to follow the directions to make this happen.

First I downloaded from the proper form needed to fill out, noting that I would need to take it to be notarized. No big deal as it is free and in the building next to the one housing District Court.

This morning I took care of that little job, parking in front of that building. Next I walked around to the back of the building, which was actually some distance from where I needed to drop off the form. There is no opening connecting the two. I left my car in front of building #1. Yesterday's wind had stopped and it was a nice morning so I figured the walk would count as exercise.

Arriving in the court building I then had to wait in line to sign in and go through the security process. Finally arriving at the front of the line I was told to put my purse in a machine to my right. Oh wait! I was first asked if it contained a cell phone. Unfortunately for me it did.

I was then instructed to put the phone in my car. Excuse me, but my car is on the other side of this building, on another street even!

In response I was told, "Walk to your car, put the cell phone in the car and drive around to the front of this building: your car will be much closer when you leave."

My response, although I am not sure it was audible was "Oh crap!"

I did what I was told, but left my purse, containing the offending cell phone, in the car. At the last minute I tucked my drivers license in my pocket in case I needed identification when and if I finally reached district court. Next I re-entered the building, this time successfully getting through the security scan. There was one little problem, because I had forgotten to remove my watch. That granted me a dirty look from the officer in charge before I was on my way to my destination!

I had a really creepy feeling as I moved down the hall, which was strewn with people apparently waiting for court dates and or trials. I was certainly glad that I am a law abiding citizen and was only there to drop off a form. I found the window I had long since been seeking, pushed the form through to the clerk and my mission was almost complete.

I was relieved when she said at last, "You are excused".

Was it worth it you might ask? My answer is yes because I no longer have a desire to judge anyone!

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