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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A new job

One just never knows from one day to the next what we are going to be asked to do. My new job for the next 10 days or so is to care for my son's dog, Leia, while he is at work. It is not a job I asked for, but I don't seem to have much choice.

The above photo is Leia shortly before she and my son moved in with me last June. Due to a lack of a job for her master she had not been groomed for a long time. Her hair had grown to an unsightly mess. With the addition of a paycheck my son took her to my groomers. The groomer discovered a large tumor on her shoulder and decided it was best to pretty much shave her fur off. My son was not thrilled because he said, "You aren't supposed to do that with a Sheltie." Hopefully her fur will grow back and she will soon look like her old self.

That night she decided to start scratching the tumor. OMG what a mess! We had blood everywhere. It looked like she had been in a terrible car accident. We aren't sure why she suddenly started scratching, but suspect that she may have been allergic to the shampoo the groomer used. We set up a triage station with a bath towel on my kitchen table. We finally managed to clean her up and did the best we could to cover the tumor with gauze and wound a stretch bandage around her body to try to stop the bleeding.

Yesterday morning she had surgery to remove the tumor. Between having her fur shaved off and the surgery Leia has had quite a traumatic experience. I feel sorry for her, but all I can do is try to keep her quiet and comfortable. Today I purchased a package of child's stretch socks to have ready to tape to her back paw if and when she starts scratching the healing wound. I'm sure it's going to itch eventually.

I never thought I would have a job as a canine nurse, but it will be an interesting addition to my resume!

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