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Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's over!

What a busy last few days I have had. I am happy it is over and I am very happy for the increase in my income due to my paid activities since October 31st. Bright and early Thursday morning I helped set up for the Halloween Carnival to be held at our family center later that evening. I had never been on that end of the event before and discovered it is a lot of work with many details, beginning with securing the tarp to the gym floor. The job also creates very sore muscles from bending and lifting equipment. I kept reminding myself that I was getting paid for the job. Working at the carnival was much more fun. This year I graduated from my 3 year experience of manning the duck pond (plastic ducks) to racing hot wheel cars. Because the race needed at least two participants I was able to convince several parents to play with their kids. Yay! I was told we entertained about 1,200 little people. The most popular costume this year seemed to be a bee. I had learned my lesson and since I wasn't asked, I did not volunteer to take everything down Friday morning. I did work my regular job of supervising the kids when school was out. We had expected them to be hyper due to their sugar rush, but the turnout was lower than usual. At 5:00 P.M. my day had only just begun. There was a dance planned for high school kids from 9:00-12:00 P.M. and yes I was scheduled to work. I didn't have much to do as again the turnout was low. Experiencing their music was LOUD and I was grateful when it was finally turned off. What happened to songs with words one could actually decipher? Oh well I survived and made sure I set my alarm for this morning. My grandson had his last soccer game of the season at 9:00 A.M. His team won 4-2 and Colin made one of the goals. Yay again! Although it was a little cold there was no wind so it wasn't too bad as fall games go. The rest of this weekend I plan to do as little as possible and just be grateful it is over!


  1. Enjoy the rest of your weekend off, Barbara! Sounds like it's very well deserved!

    1. Thanks Lois! Drive carefully on your trip and take care!