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Sunday, November 10, 2013

An unexpected guest

Yesterday morning I got a phone call from a young man that I have a special relationship with. A voice said, "Grandma can I come to your house today?" What do you think my answer was? I had made pancakes earlier and the leftovers joined by a cup of hot chocolate found a very happy recipient. Although I see my grandson every day after school at the family center and at his sports games we haven't had much one on one time lately. The school year is a busy time for him. His visit yesterday gave me an opportunity to observe just how much he has matured. After breakfast we worked together to rake up and bag the remainder of my fall leaves, which also gave him a little extra change in his pocket. Later on he played some computer games and then he surprised me when he asked me to open my word document for him to write a story. He used his imagination and a very descriptive vocabulary to create a really good short story. He said, "My Language Arts teacher encourages us to use bigger words." I laughed because the person I did last summer's writing camp with always told the kids to use 50 cent words. A little later he took out a sketch pad and began drawing. I was amazed at the 3D images he created. Again he said, "My Art teacher tells us to never give up on a drawing." I responded, "It sounds as if you have some really good teachers this year!" Knowing that a teacher can only teach a child/person what he/she is ready to learn caused me to be very proud of my unexpected guest. It looks to me that he is growing up!

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