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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or treat

Grandma's never run out of kisses or candy

For the third year in a row this grandma will be helping out at our family center Halloween Carnival. My job is to keep the ducks, swimming in a kiddie pool, in line. The tiny costumed customers try to toss metal rings around a duck's neck to earn a prize. I thought my young grandson would be assisting me this year until I got a phone call from him saying, "Grandma I didn't know the Halloween carnival was on Halloween I would rather go trick or treating!" Maybe next year.

In my opinion Future Foundations Family Center is one of the best things that has ever happened to Grants, NM. It gives our youth a safe place to spend their time after school, with no charge to the parents and during the summer with a minimal charge. It encourages our older youth to help with community projects such as the upcoming outreach program to provide a thanksgiving dinner for the area homeless. The Youth Core is helping to cook the meal.

It is also the home of Write On People, the writing group that I started a year ago. Although the group has remained small it does not dampen our spirit or our desire to encourage writers to open up and share their gifts with others. Some of the subjects we have explored during the year are: humorous resolutions, hate, scars, wind, lessons learned, family and friends and volunteering. Our individual writing efforts have also led to some lively discussions.

Last month our group was asked to start a writing group with residents at our local nursing home.This facility is doing a wonderful job of offering projects to help the residents stay positive. After the activity director made the comment "they didn't come here to die" it inspired us to volunteer our time on a regular basis. The motto for the facility is "In Christ's Love Everyone is Someone"

Although volunteering does not reap monetary rewards it gives back in ways that those who don't reach out to help others will never get. Happy Halloween!

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