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Friday, October 12, 2012

Looking back on creation

Examining the experiences, conversations and lessons of the last fifteen years or so has provided me with a reason to be very grateful. Interestingly, the experiences that seemed the most traumatic at the time were the very ones that caused me to grow the most.

Those people who by their actions abruptly pushed me out of their lives helped me realize that I never needed them in the first place or I had simply outgrown them. Quite often the student moves past the teacher when the time is right.

Today as I look at the lives of the people who in the past accused me of having negative traits I see those very traits predominant in their lives, especially the tendency to manipulate and control others. That's  laughable from my vantage point.

I remember almost a year ago wondering what I had done to piss of God/Source. Just recovering from surgery, looking at my bathroom ceiling about ready to collapse from snow damage and having to replace a 35 year old furnace in the coldest winter in over 20 years made me wonder what was going on in my life. Now I see they were lessons trying to teach me, hopefully for the last time, that everything was going to be alright if I just had faith in a positive outcome.

My health is back to normal, I have a new furnace, a new bathroom ceiling and by some miracle every bill I owed is paid. I am looking back and asking "Did I do that?"

Today I am very grateful for the experiences I see in my past.


  1. Wow. I was just thinking about this earlier. I was pondering over how the worse events that happened in my life have shaped me. I started to think about how different my life would be without those past experiences. Makes you realize that everything does indeed happen for a reason.

    1. Thanks for your reply Billy. We can't see every piece to the puzzle from our vantage point.