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Friday, October 26, 2012

Saying goodbye

I began writing this blog almost three years ago and I am seriously thinking of ending its life. I am sitting here wondering who would care? Probably not many people. In the length of its life it has been at least partly responsible for my daughter and one of my twin grand-daughters to stop speaking to me. They both took offense to different things I had written and as a result decided that I am a terrible person that they want nothing more to do with. I was even told by one of them not to ever mention that fact in my books or future writings. Sorry my dear, but no one tells me what I can and cannot write.

This space has over time given me a place to share my opinions, some of which have been shaped by friends and other writers. It has been a place to keep the world up to date on my progress as a human in this lifetime. We all have our own path to follow and did not come here with a book of rules on how to move past the challenges placed before us. I am sure I have pissed a lot of people off during my life. The mature souls get over it. The immature just continue to be pissed off.

It seems lately that I have no more to say and instead of being fun, writing this blog has become a chore. My intuition is saying perhaps it is time to wrap it up and say goodbye. So if you don't hear from me again you will know I listened and pulled the plug. Please know that I sincerely appreciate those loyal readers who have stuck by me no matter what I do or write.

When one door closes another opens.


  1. I understand all too that my marathon is over, it seems no one cares to read what I have to say, so I wonder if I should continue...I hope you stick around!

    1. Thank you Michelle. Sometimes I feel like an invisible person. Still thinking!

  2. Your blog has served a purpose in your life my dear friend for not only you but for the people who took the time to read the gift of your words full of wisdom. It is so interesting how we really never know how many people have been affected by our contributions in life. On occasion when we least expect it we are gifted in return with a token of love through a comment or physical touch that gives validation to our hearts work that we did connect with someone, somewhere out there. It is on these occasions at least for me that my world spins with happiness.

    I smile when I think of all your words and the masterpieces they have created in my mind for my heart to read and absorb; a mixture of emotions given freely without a charge to view your world in the most intimate of ways.

    Whether you continue or cease Barbara with the life of your blog….I am one happy reader who is saying thank you for your contribution, and to let you know you did make a difference in my life in one BIG way!

    Much love, simply me xoxo

    1. Thank you Priscill. Your kindness has made a difference in my life too! I wish I could be as positive about life as you are.