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Friday, November 18, 2011

Here we go again!

Here it comes another family holiday is just around the corner. I am trying to convince myself I don't mind celebrating it alone. Last year my oldest son was here from Colorado. This year he is working in Kuwait for another nine months. The rest of my family no doubt have plans that don't include me. When put that way it does sound a bit cruel. I have learned to accept things as they are, so I will poke around until I find the good in this situation.

The thing I like best about Thanksgiving is the cooking. I have never found it to be a chore. I truly love preparing holiday meals.

I remember the first turkey I ever cooked. Newly married, I had no idea what I was supposed to do with the bird. I had invited the entire family, including my grandparents for dinner. My father, who probably thought I might kill everyone off, came to help me get it ready for the oven. As I recall he also carved it. In all the years I have cooked turkeys I have never had to carve one. This year will be my first experiment. It is probably just as well that I will have no audience. It should help that I purchased an electric knife last year and I can always Google directions if I get stuck.

Even if I am eating alone I will still have all the trimmings except my daughter's favorite, the green bean casserole. I don't know how that ever got so popular. I'm sure the Pilgrims and Indians had plain old corn and I recently heard they did not eat turkey. They most likely had fish, which would have been just fine with me.

Assuming I can actually remove all the meat from the bird the carcass is going in a big pot with vegetables and pasta to make soup. Most of the leftovers will be divided and end up in my freezer to be enjoyed on other days.

On this family holiday I refuse to feel sorry for myself just because I will be alone. I am going to spend the time counting my blessings and just being grateful that I am alive. I intend to be as kind to myself as possible no matter what happens.


  1. What a great post, Barbara! I, too, will be alone this holiday season - my son gets on a plane tomorrow to move to Italy for a year. We haven't had holidays together for a number of years now and I, for one, am tired of it. I just want a holiday together. Our traditions have always been non-traditions but at least we were together to have them. I miss him already :) Enjoy your turkey! I'll enjoy my veggies!

  2. Lois I know it is going to be hard for you since your son just left. I suppose as we get older we are supposed to get used to family changes, but it is still hard. The media doesn't help much either.

  3. Barbara,

    I feel everyday can be celebrated as a holiday for those we hold deep in our heart and for the gratitude of our lives.

    Holidays have a way to makes us feel isolated if our families are not near or there is distance between us because of family problems...

    But the truth is that everyday is a celebration of love.

    If I had to choose a favorite 'holiday', it would be Thanksgiving.
    It is represents gratitude for life and loved ones.

    It is the truest of holidays.....

    I am grateful for you Barbara for all that you bring to others and to me.

    Love you!

  4. Thank you Maria. One of the things I am most grateful for is the family of friends like you that I have attracted.

  5. Of all the lessons I have learned through life the one message that my hearts repeats over and over to me is that we are never really alone. It is amazing how love of family and friends has a way of penetrating barriers of time and space bringing the people we care the most about right into our homes through memories tucked in our hearts. Memories that each of us own to cherish through the tests of time.

    It is ironic because sometimes you can be with people for Thanksgiving but still feel alone. Your heart knows where it wants to be but for whatever reason your body cannot make the physical connection. For myself I find loving from a distance with emotions from a pure heart comes to the rescue creating a peace within myself that settles my soul. It is the spiritual touch replacing the physical that keeps my heart dancing with love.

    This Thanksgiving I will be working at the hospital doing what I cherish the most in this world spreading the joy of life. I will also be giving many thanks to my God for all the wonderful touches and experiences in my life that help keep the embers of that love alive within my soul with every breath I take here on this earth.

    Dear friend you are one of those touches that creates the glow. Although we have never physically met you have become part of that love of my life, someone who has touched my soul allowing me to create memories of our time together in a most twenty- first century kind of way…keystroking!

    Know you are loved and carried in my heart. Yes, there is much to be thankful for but loneliness is not one of those gifts.

  6. Thank you for your words of wisdom "P". I love our "keystroking" friendship. In many ways these kinds of relationships are often closer than with those we can physically touch who don't even see who we really are. Your patients are very blessed to have you!