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Monday, November 7, 2011

Communication a two way street

What does one do when an adult who is supposed to be a friend suddenly stops answering her phone and refuses to talk to you? This happened to me over the weekend and I found out from the friend’s sister that I apparently did something to make her angry and she no longer cares to communicate with me. She would not tell me what that was. I was told to figure it out. I have no clue what her problem could be.

I think “her problem” are the important words. As far as I know I have no problem with her. It pretty much reminds me of a child throwing a tantrum. I believe the best advice most parents get in that situation is ignore the behavior the child will get over it.

I was telling another friend at lunch today about this experience and her advice was just let it go. Why is that always so hard for me to do? My ego is saying “it must be your fault you must have done or said something to offend her.”

My logical mind and guidance is saying “the more you focus on it the more negative energy you are creating. If this grownup wants to act like a child let her it is none of your business”.

I know my only part in this scenario is how I am going to react. This is what I did; I sent her a simple Hallmark card telling her she is a special person who deserves only the best the universe has to offer. I extended an olive branch, whether or not she accepts it is her choice.

After all communication is a two way street.


  1. so created the right act,from the heart of your spirit.

    As we have spoken before sometimes in life our unique jouneys touch and then seperate for no apparent reason other than to travel seperately in different directions. Could be forever, maybe a short time out period.

    I have found keeping all the doors and windows open with a welcoming embrace is the only way to dance through life for me. I twinkle with the thought of unconditional love with no judgement attached, just a loving welcome home hug into my heart.

    You are awesome!!! xoxo

  2. Thanks , for some odd reason I feel a lot stronger today then I have for a long time and I do not have the desire to deal with anyone's negative energy.