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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Good night dad

I just realized that my father left earth on Easter Sunday 1967, 48 years ago, as the result of liver problems .

That's a really long time in a person's life. I really don't think about him very often. Perhaps that is because he did not have a strong personality and my mother was always in charge. Interestingly, my second husband, now on dialysis, was a lot like him. Maybe that's why we are no longer married. After 27 years I discovered I didn't need him in my life. Even though I have a strong personality it appears I am slow to catch on.

Thinking back I may have married him for the same reason my mother married for a second time. She was 3-4 months pregnant with me and thought she needed a husband in the picture. I don't believe she ever wanted to be a mother. I married my man in question because my two sons from a previous marriage needed a father- I thought.

In any case that part of my life is over. Perhaps I can now move on to greener pastures, finding a mate who does not rely on negative addictions, like alcohol.

So good night dad, you were an interesting role model.

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