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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Journey of Abundance

For some time I have been holding my breath waiting for my surgeon’s bill to arrive. Everything else had been dealt with and this was the last expense from my recent emergency surgery. I knew it was totally my responsibility to pay it.

As I sorted through my mail yesterday there it was. I slowly pulled the tab on the intimidating envelope and exposed the anticipated bill. Taking a deep breath I slowly took in the amount. My reaction was oh wow!! In shock I called my doctor’s office to make sure there was no mistake. I was told the amount was the total bill.

The journey begins or ends.

Last spring Social Security put a large sum of money in my checking account, which I immediately put in a savings account until I was sure it was mine. As it turned out they had made a mistake and wanted it back. I decided to give them a hard time because I could and challenged their decision right up to the point of needing to send bills and documents etc. to them. Then I said take it back. The last payment was in August.

About a week later they plopped another large amount of money into my checking account and also raised my monthly benefit. Was this some kind of joke I wondered or do they simply hire idiots who can’t add?

I again put the money in my savings account. I also called our local Social Security office to seek advice. I was told to write a letter asking how they came to their conclusion. While I was in the hospital I finally received their response stating that when my first ex-husband died in 2008 S.S. made a mistake in my benefit calculations. The check I had received was money owed me from then to now. It was mine!!

Now for the WOW part!

This amount still sitting in my savings account is $15.10 less than my surgeon’s bill.


  1. A great relief to you, I can tell. You were provided for, and there's not a thing wrong with that.

  2. Thanks James! Maybe I need to stop referring to that ex-husband as "the womanizing jackass"!

  3. Blessings come in all sorts of colorful wrappings. Dancing in the joy of your delightful gifts! How awesome we get just what we need when we need it most. Love you!!! xoxox

  4. How cool is that Barbara!

    Gifts dropping from the heavens!

    I love it!


  5. WOW!!!

    I so love the way we continue to be taken care of, don't you?

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!

    -- Lois