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Sunday, September 14, 2014

An enjoyable evening

I spent an enjoyable evening last night at the amphitheater in our River Walk Park. The three person group playing was "Renaissance Man" and their music was oldies- my thing.

Besides listening to music that I really liked I had an opportunity to talk to many friends I hadn't seen in some time. It is interesting to note how people change over 20-30 years. Of course, some never do except to gain some extra pounds. Running through the audience off and on were a few of the kids I knew from working at our family center last year. One in particular is an adorable child named Harmony. She is the cutest little girl anyone would ever want to meet. Her smiling face makes me happy just being in her company.

The amphitheater has sat pretty much unused for years and it is nice that Grants Mainstreet has finally made use of the facility. Since June they have provided, free of charge, musical entertainment every Saturday night. Most of the groups have traveled from other places as far away as Albuquerque. The first group was the 44th Army Band which was making a tour of New Mexico just before Independence Day. They were a wonderful beginning and set the tone for a great summer of free entertainment.

A four piece group called "Rhythm Divine" will end the performances next Saturday. Just in time to celebrate our Fall Fiesta at the Fire & Ice park on October 11th. This event features a red-green-salsa chili cook off, with vendors, fun contests and live music. I think I'm getting hungry!

Amphitheater Grants, NM

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